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Monday, May 29, 2006


Miss Jolie has aDragon inked on her upper left Arm.
The tatoo , located on her left shoulder blade, shows ancient Cambodian incantatios written in ancient Khmer, the native language of Cambodia. She got this tattoo apprently to protect herself and Maddox from bad luck and avoid accidents.

The lines read:
May your enemies run far away from you.If you acquire riches, may they remain yours always.Your beauty will be that of Apsara. (a celestial dancer from Khmer mythology)Wherever you may go, many will attend, serve and protect you, surrounding you on all sides.
There is more of her face than the tatoo itself in this picture but we could not care less huba hella damn she's hot.
Angelina Jolie has a 21-31 inch large tiger inked on her lower back.The tatoo was inked by thai tatoo master Sonpong kanphai at an aprtment in Bankok.The tatoo was apparently also blessed in a drawn out 20 minutes ritual.

Angelina helps to prove that beautiful, strong women can have tattoos and still be feminine. She has helped bring women with ink out of the shadows and into the spotlight, therefore, lessening the stigma of being a woman with ink.  

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